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We are a online store that  offer selected products for dogs and dog owners.   Our preferred pets are dogs and we know others love them as well.  Dogs are loyal animals.   They will provide you with all the attentions and emotional support that is needed.   They are beautiful animals.

In fact, some people prefer having a dog as a companion rather than cats or other animals.   We at doggy pets aim is to help you share and enjoy your dog even more.  We have keychains, jewelry, and other mementos that tell everyone that you are a dog lover.  Please feel fee to leave a comment and share your experience with us .

We offer quality item at a reasonable price. We want you to consider us when you need any items for your dog.

We hope you visit us and enjoy the products we offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be most happy to serve you in a fair and honest way. We pledge to respond within 24 hours for all inquiries .

email us: support@doggypets.com

customer service phone # 404-969-5839