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Cat Who Lost Both Ears Becomes Instagram Star

When Molly Lichtenwalner started looking for a companion to help her cope with her anxiety, she decided she wanted to find a special needs animal who was considered less adoptable. That’s when she found a sweet white cat who had lost both of his ears due to a condition called Otitis externa, which his previous owners left untreated. The kitty had been named Otitis after his ordeal. “He has been nothing but amazing. He immediately adjusted to his new home with me and he truly saved me from my own anxiety. He loves to play and snuggle, and nothing is better than coming home to him and experiencing true unconditional animal love,” Lichtenwalner said. And the kitty has become a star on Instagram, with more than 17,000 people following his adventures. — Read it at People Pets

Mama Shelter Cat Adopts Stray Kitten

A young kitten got a second chance at life at an animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia. Firefly was very pregnant when she arrived at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, and gave birth to five adorable kittens. Not long after, the shelter took in an orphaned kitten who was about the same age as Firefly’s litter, and decided to see whether the new mom would accept the little guy into her family. “It was immediately clear that Firefly didn't mind having a new kitten one bit — she let him nurse right away!” the shelter said in a Facebook post with a video of the cat family.

5 Adoption Stories We Can’t Get Enough Of

We love a sweet story about a pet adoption, and once in a while there are those that stick with you — like the Pit Bull whose 8-year-old owner adored him so much that she wrote instructions for his new owner, or the 18-year-old dog whose adopter was so excited to meet her that he was waiting at the shelter when it opened.
In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we’ve pulled together five of our recent favorites in the gallery below. If you’re thinking about bringing a shelter pet into your life, here’s what you need to know.
EmbeddableSlideshow: EMBEDDABLE SLIDESHOW Favorite adoption stories April 20175 Fantastic Forever Homesslide 1: slide 2: slide 3: slide 4: slide 5: More on Vetstreet: Photos: Our Readers' Adorable Adopted Pets 8 Must-Haves for Your New Dog Advice for Your First Animal Shelter Visit 8 Essentials for Your New Cat Adding a Second Dog to Your Family? Consider This First

I Escaped an Abusive Relationship — Thanks to My Dogs

Image: BruceWillyAlmostHeavencreek 335 We love our pets — often, they are like family to us. But when a family dynamic is damaged by abuse or neglect, pets can suffer just like their humans.
In domestic abuse, an abuser often exploits a victim’s devotion to a pet to control and manipulate that victim. Too often, abuse victims feel trapped and unable to seek help because they fear for the safety of their pets if they leave. According to the Urban Resource Institute (URI), a provider of domestic violence programs and services in New York City, up to 65 percent of domestic violence victims and 48 percent of battered women delay leaving a dangerous situation out of concern for their pets. (In May of 2013, URI launched a specific program, Urban Resource Institute People and Animals Living Safely, or URIPALS, that houses victims of abuse and their pets.)
I am sympathetic to abuse victims who stay: A few years back, I found myself trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship and delayed le..

Cute Video: Cat Trust Falls Into Owner’s Lap

We’ve seen dogs do trust falls, including this one of a Golden Retriever landing in the waiting arms of a giant teddy bear. But we couldn’t imagine most cats being willing to give it a try. Leave it to Didga, who takes part in other un-cat-like activities like skateboarding, to defy expectations. “She ‘trusts’ me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands,” her owner writes in the YouTube description. “I rescued her from the shelter, so she can trust me. — Read it at People Pets